Work/life  [n.] /wərk,līf/
"The worst financial transaction you will ever make is selling yourself short."  -Greg Gilbert

Every day, you work hard investing your energy into someone else's organization, serving their clients & tasks. If you're good at this, you get a promotion that leads to more demands, higher stress, less personal time, and the extra earnings might not have the financial impact you expected for your life. This is work life.
And running your own business is often far worse.
But you could be building something substantial for you
at your own pace… and it’s easier than you think.

What if you could partner with a multi-billion dollar company that paid you to grow a business the way you wanted? This is your opportunity. No franchise, no product sales, no quotas, no pressure. You choose your commitment level, where you work from, hours, niches, and they take care of the rest.

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Here is what Harvey Hess, former President of Circle K, says about this...
"I had lost the passion for corporate America. What I found was the most brilliant business model, and fits perfectly with the new ways of business which are developing via technology today. Brilliant -that's the only word I know of to describe it. And when others really get this model, when they really understand what's possible for them, and how the company is the champion of the little guy, the average person or family just trying to get ahead in life, well, you know it brings it all together for me personally. I'm able to live a purposeful life now. I'm educating others, I'm helping others see what is possible for them. I'm building an incredible asset, to not only create cashflow for the rest of my life that is really truly residual, but to also leave a legacy for others."  (message me for the video)

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