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The secret to getting ahead is finding the right opportunity that actually works, matches your needs and fits into your life.

Looking to get ahead? Let me shortcut your search...
People dream of starting a business they can work a few hours a week and have it boom, so they can get ahead and have more money & time to enjoy life. But most of these attempts fail. In the marketplace of low startup businesses you can work from home, I’ve become an expert by researching and experimenting for over 30 years. I've worked with some of the best people, seen thousands of eager entrepreneurs lose money, and a few earn it but usually only in short spurts. If you’re curious how to build a real income, let me shortcut your search with a quick summary of what to avoid, and which way to go...

"If you're going to run a small business, you need to know what everyone is doing" -Glen Mazzara
  • Classic Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
    The king con. Spend $1K-10K+ on overpriced product that will only be bought by others you can temporarily hype into getting healed or rich. MLM gets its name from the way product gets sold down through “multi levels” of middlemen “distributors” with few real customers and a garage full of inventory. Others sell products or services where general interest or profits are so low that they charge huge membership fees to become a seller –the only real money is made from these new membership commissions, which makes it an illegal pyramid. Or they make their money by selling you their training on how to make money at their business, ironically. Independent consumer watchdog agencies have shown that over 99% of all MLM participants lose money. The Federal Trade Commission is currently cracking down on these (
    in one? contact me for this report: Is Your Company Next?). It’s practically impossible to make money unless you have cult-leader charisma you want to use for duping others. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Run.
  • Home Parties and Direct Sales
    Catalogue-style sales of jewelry, cosmetics, kitchen supplies, etc. Fun & trendy, but only for a short time.
    People get bored when that party trend fades, and the money dries up. 
  • eBay Seller Programs
    Drop-ship warehouses would have made you a bundle 20 years ago, but high competition sellers in China can sell & ship cheaper than your post office rates.
  • Stock & Currency Trading Programs
    They make it sound like any idiot who can click a mouse will get rich using their software. Very pricey training costs (for their own commissions), guru advice and automated stops & checks supposedly make it goof proof... but still very few make money at it.
  • Ground Floor Opportunity
    This is a buzz word new companies use to make their startup sound amazing. As the stats show (see MLM above), most fail by a long shot. Go buy a lottery ticket and ice cream, and enjoy the time you didn’t waste getting mopped up on the ground floor.
These are the most popular flops out there. For more information, read my guide: Everything You Wanted To Know About BusinessOpportunity Models and contact me if you have questions about these or other “opportunities.”


In tracking this industry for most of my life, I have only seen one company consistently provide a career level opportunity that is realistic for the average person to achieve on a part-time basis. With over 3 decades proven track record, they continue to boom internationally with revenues over 2 billion per year with their extraordinary business model. Inducted into the Inc. 500 Hall of Fame, featured in Forbes, BBB accredited, debt-free, this is no experimental startup. And it's easier than you think. No investment, no pressure: You do not carry inventory, sell or deliver any products. Our company handles all orders and customer care. It's genius yet simple, with many ways to customize to individual niche interests, on or offline.
Don’t confuse this with low-paid affiliate programs. You can build income quickly because of its unusually generous revenue sharing program. You just help activate new members to shop online for better, safer, greener versions of products they already buy, at the same or cheaper prices as their regular store, plus a bonus $100 credits. Amazing incentives for members to shop monthly, ensures exceptionally high loyalty & reorder rates… now the largest online shopping club in North America with over 100K new members joining per month internationally
Imagine if Costco offered you a percentage of new members' lifetime purchases with an Amazon style distribution? (watch more on this here -password: welcome) It's a simple yet powerful concept with a real option to build solid residual income with a proven, established company. I can't think of a higher endorsement than what Harvey Hess, former President of Circle K, says about this ...
"I had lost the passion for corporate America. What I found was the most brilliant business model, and fits perfectly with the new ways of business which are developing via technology today. Brilliant -that's the only word I know of to describe it. And when others really get this model, when they really understand what's possible for them, and how the company is the champion of the little guy, the average person or family just trying to get ahead in life, well, you know it brings it all together for me personally. I'm able to live a purposeful life now. I'm educating others, I'm helping others see what is possible for them. I'm building an incredible asset, to not only create cashflow for the rest of my life that is really truly residual, but to also leave a legacy for others."  (message me for the video)
Click: Contact me for an overview of the program.

Try it out as a customer, or if you are interested in working with us, we have all the support & resources you need to grow with our top team.  
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...and if you're curious, read what makes this different from other seemingly similar-looking companies out there in my detailed guide: Everything You Wanted To Know About Business Opportunity Models.

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