Parents  [n.] /ˈperənts/
We Help Families Earn More to Help Take Care of The Important Things in Life

The dream of staying home with our kids seems to be getting further away from us, as the cost of living grows faster than our income. Those who manage to make it work, always miss that second income but we tell ourselves the sacrifice is worth it…  and it is.

But what if you didn’t have to choose between the two? What if a multi-billion dollar company paid you to collaborate with them from home, on your schedule, to help others while helping yourself. This is your opportunity. No product sales, no quotas, no pressure. You choose your commitment level and stay free to manage your family and time priorities as you see fit. Watch this short video how several moms made this work for them.

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"I realized that I wanted some changes in my life. I wanted to control my own schedule, I wanted to be with my kids more, I wanted to just really have the autonomy to make decisions that a corporation wasn't making for me while I was working for them. And here I am. I've more than replaced the income that I had in the pharmaceutical industry which is where I came from. I love what the company has provided for my family and I. The income and flexibility in our time is such a blessing." 
  -Heidi Bartolotta (message me for the video)

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