I launched igetahead to help people find a realistic way to achieve their financial and personal goals, without having to wade through the ocean of hyped programs that don't actually work. With over 3 decades of trying almost everything imaginable, and many ups & downs, I found solutions that allow the average person a generous yet realistic opportunity to get ahead.

After a Masters degree and years of business training with great mentors and the Raymond Aaron Monthly Mentor program, I won the Entrepreneur Of The Year award for my online endeavors. But I found the most difficult thing was building a self-employed income that lasts.

Finding a way to get ahead and add an additional stream of income is challenging when most people don't have money to invest, and are too tired after work to start a business
or upgrade their education, especially if they value quality time to relax with family & friends. And the more a job pays, the more demanding it is, and the less time it leaves to enjoy life or try something new. It's not a happy cycle.

Unfortunately, most people who do sacrifice their time & money trying a home based business, end up failing. Often it's not even their fault but they blame themselves when the real issue is they are trying to build a business that doesn't actually work. Of the few who do succeed, most end up losing their efforts, investment & income because the company collapses after a few years. I've been on that rollercoaster many times. It's frustrating & discouraging, and there are far more pitfalls than there are actual good opportunities.

My hope is that I can help you find a simple, easy way to improve your financial & personal wellness. At the very least, the information I've shared here will save you from wasting your time with all the useless ideas, scams and weak "opportunities" out there. 

I wish you much peace & success in all your searching and journey to get ahead
 ...and creating the life you crave


Reflections in train station photo by AshimD’Silva on Unsplash.com