Fitness folk

Fitness folk  [n.] /ˈfitnəs fōk/
Get paid for your fitness passions & goals, at any level.
"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet." 
Bobby Unser

People who are into fitness are some of the most vocal about the products & brands they use and where they get them from. Sponsors call that “Brand Ambassador” marketing. You could be getting paid for that and free products.

But usually only top athletes get that opportunity with sponsorship. What if you could partner with a multi-billion dollar company that paid you to collaborate with them on your terms at any fitness level, while leaving you totally flexible to pursue your interests. This is your opportunity. No product sales, no quotas, no pressure. You choose your commitment level and niches, and they take care of the rest. Check out Olympians Bernard Lagat and Nick Symmonds experience with this.

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